Julia Haller


Press release

Exhibition text for Julia Hallo

It has icons with the fact that I Julia Haider's congenial partner in little Nicola die Men asked about two weeks ago if I wasn't For Julia Julius Next Exhibition parents want to write text was. I showed interest and after I had talked about it with Julia Pictures I one, but with the pre-warning that the text may be subject to censorship might like.

My friend and fellow artist Lino Stelzer once showed me a catalog from Martin Kippenberger says this in an interview: An artist Must look good. That's the important thing. Heimo for example you very much Well off and is therefore also a very promising young artist. I I can actually only agree with what was said and point out that July Hello Not only studied at said Heimo, but also a lot is more attractive than this one. That's exactly how it behaves with her pictures, though something big applied, but I was spokesman anyway yes.

I can only say the following about the Tidal Education exhibition, viz that it was damaged during transport. Thank God the show was Aber, so that Julia might even have an advantage from it, she gets it Possibly credit the damage in full. Whether you are a new visitor Getting to see paintings, Or just these, lies solely in the other Artist, can you only examine them on site and decide was the best aesthetic solution in this case.

A few days ago I was a guest at Julia and Nicola's. Together with some Friends we celebrated with beer and cocaine in your kitchen. Nicola was funnily enough busy selling a beer from the Italian terrazzo floor This means that no stains can be wiped out and GMX education has come. On My question was Dell actually the exhibition title would be asked Julia: North Korea side. I knew that while not really aiming to start saving It But so in my your brain.

I would like to mention two things in this connection. First that Julia Mail is represented by one of the best and most interesting galleries – I there was such a thing as your gallery owner visibly drunk a very rich Swiss collector believed his Black Credit Card – and second you By Her birth to a queen Like the spiral her mother held in Hans' arithmetic, Like a scepter. 

Johann Neumeister, Wie, November 7th, 2000 22