Tom Humphreys

Born 1972 in Essex
Lives and works in London


1998 MA Chelsea College of Art
1997 BA (Hons) Winchester School of Art and Design

Solo Exhibitions

2017 High Art, Paris (upcoming)
2017 ‘Animal Kingdom’, Rob Tufnell, Cologne
2017 ‘Under the wing’, Forde, Geneva
2016 'Fingers', Christian Andersen, Copenhagen
2015 'Bird Food', What Pipeline, Detroit
2014 'Natural History', Christian Andersen, Copenhagen
2014 'Tours', High Art, Paris
2014 'Casa Párticular', Rob Tufnell, London
2013 'Chez Michel', Dingum, Berlin
2013 'Holes' w. Lucie Stahl, What Pipeline, Detroit
2012 'Straight Man's Camp', Christian Andersen, Copenhagen
2011 'Data Transfer', Pro Choice, Vienna
2011 'Flaca', Portikus, Frankfurt am Main, curated exhibition
2009 'Background Pictures', Pro Choice, Vienna
2009 Tom Humphreys, Caribic Residency, Frankfurt am Main
2007 'Evening Class', Kabine, Copenhagen
2001 'Tom Humphreys', Don’t miss, Frankfurt am Main
2000 'Fue un Accidente', Projecto Zapopan, Guadalajara

Group Exhibitions

2017 ‘Pinceau & Canapé’, Une, une, une, Perpigan, France
2017 ‘I’m Nobody!’, High Art, Paris
2017 ‘2021’, Sydney, Sydney
2016 ‘Tom Humphreys, Aaron Aujla, Paul Pascal Theriault’, Carl Louie, Ontario
2016 'And she will say: hi her, ailleurs, to higher grounds...', curated by Laure Prouvost, Kunstmuseum Luzern
2016 High Art for Condo at Supplement, London
2015 ‘The Humane Society’, The Loon, Toronto
2015 'Over you / you', The 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana
International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2015 'Conflicting Evidence', 1857, Oslo
2015 Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg
2015 'Potteries Thinkbelt', Rob Tufnell, London
2015 'The Subjects of the Artist', Michael Thibault, Los Angeles
2015 Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam
2015 'Oeuvre sans Valeur a Vendre Cher', Rob Tufnell, Brussels
2015 'Green', What Pipeline, curated by Puppies Puppies
2015 'Towers of Dub (Live Orbient 3.9.93)', Thomas Duncan Gallery, Los Angeles
2014 'Congratulations on your ugly handwriting', Cura, Rome
2014 Walden Affairs, The Hague. Group show curated by Laure Provost
2014 'Three Cups Fragrance', Bodega, New York
2014 'On The Devolution of Culture', Rob Tufnell, London
2014 'Corruption Feeds', Bergen Kunsthall
2014 'A Matter of Taste', Dingum, Paris
2014 'Warm Math', Balice Hertling at Film Center (curated by Alexander May), New York
2014 'Number Woman' w. Alivia Zivich. Peles Empire, London
2014 'The Hawker', dépendance at Carlos / Ishikawa, London
2013 HIGH ART, Paris
2013 'Corruption', Gallery 400, Chicago
2013 'Tom Humphreys, Laure Provost', C. Blades, Chicago
2013 'Reproduction', What Pipeline, Detroit
2013 'Homes & Gardens', Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles
2013, Tomorrow, Toronto
2013 'The Wonderer' w. Laure Provoust, TPW Toronto
2013 'Vertical Club', Bortolami, NYC curated by Will Benedict
2013 Rob Tuffnel at Page Street, London (w. Will Benedict,
Anthea Hamilton, Julie Verhoeven)
2011 'Edition/Non Edition', Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna
2010 Pro Choice at Kunstverein Schattendorf, Austria
2010 'Show in Show', Flat Time Ho, (curated by Laure Provost), London
2010 'Avec Vkhoutemas', Galerie Treignac, France
2009 'Repetition & Empathy', Kunstbuero, Vienna
2009 'Backers Dozen', Cafe Gallery, London
2009 'Bulletin Board Boulevard', Pro Choice, Vienna
2009 'Miete Strom Gas oder Brasilien Wax'
INSTITUTE [for contemporary art], Museumsquartier, Wien
2008 'Cabaret Furtura', Cell Project, London
2008 'Showroom 10#', Basel, Switzerland
2008 'Schnecke, Vogel, Katze und Qualle', Galerie Mezzanin, Vienna
2008 'Mittlere Körnung', Carl Freedman Gallery, London
(w. Wolfgang Breuer, Karin Ruggaber)
2007 'The Four Colour Contingency', The Approach, London (w. Mandla Reuter, Nora Shultz, Alexander Wolff)
2007 'No Ideas Without Bodies', Egypted, Vienna
2006 'Socitété des Nations', Circuit, Lausanne
2006 'One Size Youth', Croy Nielsen, Berlin
2006 'The Common Reader', TPS, San Antonio, Texas
(w. Will Benedict, Lucie Stahl, Alex Wolff)
2005 'QuattroFlaca', Kunsthaus Langenthal, Switzerland
2005 'Les Merveilles Du Monde', Dunkirk Museum of Art
2005 'Lore', Glasgow Project Room, Scotland
2005 'Future Primitive', One in the Other, London
2005 'Salon D'Oro', Venice, Italy
2005 'Memphis', Flaca, London
2005 'Publish and be Damned', Cubitt London
2004 'Grey Goo', Flaca, London
2004 'Publish and be Damned', Cubitt, London
2004 'Sculpture Garden', Old Street, London
2003 'Exhumed', Museum of Garden History
2003 '1:1', Anker Bar, Zurich
2003 'Hand luggage', K3, Zurich
2002 'Kiosk', Kiosk Projects, London
2001 'Opening', K3, Zurich
2001 'AA Silver', Tel Aviv
2001 'Manual', Five Years, London
2001 'Sour Cherry Soup (Meggyleves)', Mafuji Gallery, London
(with Heather Alain, Michael Beutler)
2000 'Seoul/London', Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
2000 'Raumhebung', The Nunnery, London
2000 'Future', Millais Gallery, Southampton
1999 'Adhocracy', Galerie Herold, Bremen
1999 'Father Apollinaris Said', Vilma Gold, London

Artist run space Flaca, London, 2003 - 2007