Rolf Nowotny

Born 1978
Lives and works in Copenhagen


2003-09 MFA, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Professor Gerard Byrne

Solo exhibitions

2016 ’CONKCLOACA’, Christian Andersen
2015 ‘Sur Pollen’, Tranen, Copenhagen
2015 ‘Støbt Ustøbt Støbt Igen’, Fauna, Copenhagen
2013 Liste Art Fair, Basel. Christian Andersen
2013 'How Can I Sleep', Christian Andersen
2012 'Sex', Antechamber
2011 'Full Frontal Nudity', Overgaden
2010 'Mouthbreather', Christian Andersen

Selected group exhibitions

2017 ‘Alienation’, Momentum - 9th Nordic Biennial for Contemporary Art, Moss, Norway (upcoming)
2017 ‘Here For Now’, IM, Copenhagen (upcoming)
2017 ‘Becoming Human’, Sculpture Odense 17, Odense
2017 ‘Last Minute Business’, Adult, Copenhagen
2016 ‘Techniques and Vision’, curated by Marie Kølbæk Iversen, Pivô, São Paulo
2016 'iwillmedievalfutureyou5', Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus
2016 'Disappointment Island', Griffin Art Space, Warsaw
2016 ‘Solvang’, organized by Squash Club, Amor Parken, Copenhagen
2016 ’Artists’ Books, Growing Wildly’, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art
2015 ‘AFA 2’, 63rd-77th STEPS, Bari
2015 ‘Too Much of a Good Thing’, Nordic Contemporary, Paris
2014 'Coming From', Overgaden, Copenhagen
2014 'L'embarras', curated by Toke Lykkeberg. Toves, Copenhagen
2014 'Hard Words’, curated by Benjamin Hirte. Christian Andersen, Copenhagen
2014 'Ditte Gantriis & Rolf Nowotny', Die Raum, Berlin
2013 'Shapes in the making', Lunds Konsthall, Lund
2013 'Kingdom of Dirt + Special Guest Stars', Galleri Susanne Ottesen, Copenhagen
2013 'Victor, A, Judge William, Johannes (de silentio), Constantin, Vigilius, Nicolaus, Hilarius, Johannes (Climacus), H.H., Anti-Climacus et. al', Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen
2013 'Flat Bed', Joe Sheftel Gallery, New York
2013 'SANDY ISLAND (A section of AB. A project by Gabriele De Santis)', Nomas Foundation, Rome
2013 'Cloud Hosting', Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York
2013 'GROUND. Materiality No. 2 (Earth)', Sorø Kunstmuseum
2012 'F for Freedom', Galeria Filomena Soares, Lisbon
2012 'OilonWaterCalmingEffect', Skur2, Stavanger
2012 'Around Every Corner', Elastic Gallery, Malmö
2012 'Spatium', KUMU, Tallinn
2011 'Lake of Fire', Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen
2009 'Med Tiden Bliver det Mahogni/ Oak is IT!', Pladsen, Copenhagen
2009 'Entré & Stue', the artist driven gallery Wohnung, Copenhagen
2009 'The Mask', Galerie Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen

Curated exhibitions

2016 ‘BI-’, Age of Aquarius invited by FAUNA, X AND BEYOND, Copenhagen
2016 ’Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde
2015 ’Hatching Darknet Queen’, Porpentine Charity Heartscape, Fauna (online)
2014 ’V/O’, Maria Meinild, Fauna, Copenhagen
2014 ’Pietá’, Alexander Tovborg, Fauna, Copenhagen
2013 ’Urschleim’, David Douard, Rachel Koolen, Lea Porsager, Olga Balema & Steinar Haga Kristensen. Fauna, Copenhagen
2013 ’Noisy Spaghetti’, Allison Katz, Lisa Holzer, Ditte Gantriis and 10gruppen. Fauna, Copenhagen
2013 ’Body Carrier’, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Fauna, Copenhagen
2012 ’The Lot’, Owen Armour, Saskia Te Nicklin and Moa Israelson. Curated in collaboration with Jeanette Sætre and Hilda Ekeroth. Antechamber, Copenhagen
2009 ’Absence of Uncertainty’, Ditte Gantriis and Mathias Kryger. Koh-I-noor, Copenhagen


2016 ‘The Mutants We Will Become’ by Chris Fite-Wassilak in Frieze Magazine Issue 182
2016 ‘Da jeg var fire år, brændte jeg vores hus ned’. Interview by David Lytzhøft and Iben Foss for Weekendavisen
2016 ‘Sneglemenneskets slimede triumf’. Review in Politiken by Mathias Kryger
2015 ‘Zombie-metabolisme’, Review on Kunstkritikk by Maria Kjær Themsen
2014 'LAB a project by Rolf Nowotny'. Text by Adam Carr. Cura 17
2013 ArtReview: Newsletter No. 23
2013 ’Rolf Nowotny’. Review in Frieze Magazine by Jacob Lillemose
2013 ’Dette er et kar’. Review in Information by Michael Jeppesen
2012 ‘Sort snak om oplevelsesøkonomi’. Review in Information by Michael Jeppesen
2011 ‘Dansen om det tomme tegn’. Review on Kunstkritikk by Pernille Albrethsen
2010 ‘Skud mod den hårdeste overflade’. Review in Information by Michael Jeppesen
2010 Interview by Anna Holm for
2010 ‘IR//RATIONALITY’. A book about rationality and irrationality interpreted by 28 artists, writers and theoreticians. Red.: Lars Worm and Troels Emig. Limbo Press

Other work

2015 Illustrations for Glenn Christians poetry collection ’Hvalernes Hævn’, OVO Press
2016 Illustrations for Glenn Christians poetry colletions ’Vibrio’, Antipyrine


2015 Billedhugger Viggo Jarls Legat
2014 Niels Wessel Bagge's Art Fund
2014 The Danish Arts Council Working Grant
2013 The Danish Arts Council Working Grant

Public Collections

National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen
New Carlsberg Foundation, Copenhagen